Ge 126: Topics in Earth Surface Processes

Topics in Earth Surface Processes. 6 units (2-0-4); second term. A seminar-style course focusing on a specific theme within geomorphology and sedimentology depending on student interest. Potential themes could include river response to climate change, bedrock erosion in tectonically active mountain belts, or delta evolution on Earth and Mars. The course will consist of student-led discussions centered on readings from peer-reviewed literature. Instructor: Lamb. 

2010: Fires, Debris Flows and the Geomorphology of Burned Landscapes (Course Website).

2011:  Sediment Transport Physics.

2012: Alluvial Fans and Pediments: Formation Mechanics and Recorders of Climate and Tectonic Change.  Website

2013:  Organic Carbon and Landscapes.  Co-taught with Josh West, Woodward Fischer.  Website 

2015: Erosion of Bedrock by Wind. Web

2016: Soil Production from Bedrock Web

2017: Morphodyamics and gravel-sand transition.  Lead by G. Parker

2018: Permafrost and rivers. Web