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Former Members

Former Postdocs and Staff

Ben Mackey, Caltech Postdoc 2009-2011
Now Natural Hazards Analyst, Otago Regional Council, New Zealand

Ryan Ewing, Caltech Postdoc 2009 - 2011
Now Assistant Professor at Texas A&M

Pailin Chatanantavet, Caltech Postdoc 2011 - 2013
Now Engineer, Environmental Consulting, Ocean and Human, Tokyo, Japan

Adam Booth, Caltech Postdoc 2012 - 2013
Now Assistant Professor, Portland State University

Roman DiBiase, Caltech Postdoc 2011 - 2014
Now Assistant Professor, Penn State University

Dirk Scherler, Caltech Postdoc 2012 - 2014, *main advisor J.-P. Avouac.  
Now Assistant Professor at GFZ-Potsdam.

Vamsi Ganti, Caltech Postdoc 2013 - 2015
Now Assistant Professor, U.C. Santa Barbara

Isaac Larsen, Caltech Prize Postdoc 2013 - 2015
Now Assistant Professor, U. Massachusetts Amherst

Florent Gimbert, Postdoc 2013 - 2015, *V. Tsai main advisor
Now Research Scientist, CNRS

Marisa Palucis, NSF Postdoc, 2014-2017
Now Assistant Professor, Dartmouth

Francois Ayoub, Staff Sceintist, 2015-2016
Now at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Brian Fuller, Lab Manager, 2010-2017
Now Engineering Geologist, CA Water Board

Mark Torres, Caltech Prize Postdoc, 2015 - 2017, W. Fischer co-advisor
Now Assistant Professor, Rice University

Lizzy Trower, Agouron Postdoc, 2015 - 2017, W. Fischer and J. Grotzinger co-advisors
Now Assistant Professor, U. Colorado Boulder

Ke Liu, JPL-Caltech postdoc, 2017 - 2018, Marc Simard (JPL) main advisor
Now Quantitative model developer, J. P. Morgan

Jan de Leeuw, Caltech postdoc, 2017-2019
Now Engineering Consultant in Bavaria

Alex Beer, Caltech and SNSF postdoc, 2017-2019
Now Postdoctoral Scholar at Tuebingen University

Flavien Beaud, Caltech and SNSF postdoc, 2017-2019
Now Postdoctoral Scholar at U. British Columbia

Tom Ulizio, Lab Manager, 2017-2020
Now at Maryland Geological Survey

Lisann Braat, Rubicon Postdoctoral Fellow, 2020-2021
Now Scientist at European Space Agency

Tamara Pico, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, 2019-2021
Now Assistant Professor at U. California - Santa Cruz. 

Former Graduate Students

Ajay Limaye, PhD 2014, "Valley Evolution by Meandering Rivers"
Now Assistant Professor, U. Virginia.

Joel Scheingross, PhD 2015, "Mechanics of Sediment Transport and Bedrock Erosion in Steep Landscapes"
Now Assistant Professor, U. Nevada.

Jeff Prancevic, PhD 2016, "Sediment Mobility in Steep Channels and the Transition to Landsliding"
Now postdoctoral scholar at ETH, Zurich.

Luca Malatesta, PhD 2016, "Impact of climate and tectonics on the morphodynamics of alluvial piedmonts, implications for sediment transfer and the stratigraphic record" (J-P Avouac main advisor), Now Senior Researcher GFZ-Potsdam.

Mathieu Lapotre, PhD 2017, "Sedimentary Processes on Earth and Mars: Canyon Erosion, Sand Ripple Formation and Mineral Comoposition."  B. Ehlmann co-advisor.  Now Assistant Professor Stanford University.  [Web]

Austin Chadwick, PhD 2019, "Mechanics of River Avulsions on Lowland Deltas"
Now Postdoctoral Scholar, U. Minnesota

Alistair Hayden, PhD 2020, "Exhumed Fluvial Deposits: New Paleohydrological Tools Indicate Long-Duration Fluvial Activity in Early Mars"
Now Science Fellow, California Council on Science and Technology

Former Undergraduate and High-School Research Fellows

Eric Keinsasser (Occidental College), SURF 2010, Boulder transport in steep channels.

Mariya Levina (Caltech), SURF 2010 - 2011, Sediment trapping by vegetation.

Cailan Halliday (Humbolt State), 2011, Waterfall hydraulic modeling.

Cindy Tran, 2010 - 2011, Debris flow initiation experiments.

Conor O'Toole (Harvard-Westlake high school, Bowdin College), 2010, 2011, Waterfall erosion experiments.

Odin Marc (Ecole Normale Superieure, France), 2010-2011, Permafrost and river stability.

Peter Buhler (Caltech), 2010-2011, Paleolake mapping on Mars.

Mathieu Lapotre (Université de Strasbourg, France), 2010, 2011, Numerical modeling of large floods on Mars.

Daniel Lo (Caltech), 2012, Experiments on waterfall erosion.

Aaron Tran (UC Berkeley), 2012, Multibeam laser scanning through air and water.

Khadijah Omerdin (Westridge high school), 2013, Bedrock erosion by suspended load.

Fanny Brun (Ecole Normale Superieure, France), 2013, Forces on boulders in steep channels.

Gheorghe Schreiber (Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies), 2013, Bedrock erosion with mixed particle sizes.

Michael Jensen (Caltech), SURF 2013, Meandering rivers in bedrock.

Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati (Caltech), SURF 2013-2014, Avulsions on deltas.

Juliane Preimesberger (Caltech), SURF 2014, Bedrock erosion in the big flume.

Elliot Simon (Caltech), SURF 2014, Exposure age dating in Washington.

Jay Yalamanchili (high school), 2015, Pressure transducer calibration 

Sam Holo (Caltech), SURF 2015, Grain flow experiments

Kirby Sikes (Caltech), 2015-2016, River delta experiments

Brian Zdeb (Caltech), 2016, Debris flow experiments

Jose Silvestre (UNAVCO intern), 2017 & 2018, River delta experiments

Sarah Steele (Caltech), SURF 2017 and assistant 2017-2019, River delta experiments

Lydia Kivrak (Caltech), SURF 2017, Ooid experiments

Erich Herzig (Caltech), 2017-2018, Debris flow experiments

Zewei Ma (Tsinghua University), SURF 2018, Bedrock erosion

Victor Heme (Aix-Marseille University), 2019, Bedrock gully experiments

Denise Garcia (San Diego State), WAVE Fellow, 2019, Subglacial channel experiments

Janie Levin (Columbia University), SURF 2019-2020, Gullies on Mars

Jade Fischer (MIT), SURF 2019-2020, Bedrock gully experiments

Sarah Feil (UCLA, SURF 2020, Streaklines on deltas

Former Visiting Graduate Students

Omar Wani (ETH), 2018, Visiting PhD student, Uncertainty analysis in deltas

Zhongheng Sun (China University of Geoscience), 2019-2020, Visiting PhD student, Bedrock gully experiments

Former Visiting Faculty

Paul Myrow, 2012, Colorado College

Zhongxin Chu, 2013, Ocean University

Sergio Fagherazzi, 2014, Boston University

Jeremy Venditti, 2014, Simon Fraser University

Joshua West, 2014, USC

Gary Parker, 2017, U. Illiniois